Benefits from Northstar:

  • Custom Online Purchase Platform
  • Incremental Revenue & Profits to schools
  • Access to the top brands like Nike and Under Armour
  • No customer order minimums
  • Multiple sport and team logos
  • No inventory risk to your school
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Fast and Easy set up
  • Sales reporting for your records
  • Minimum time and effort for team coordinators

Northstar Apparel Company is the premiere apparel company for al your needs. Northstar Apparel Company produces custom clothing and custom products for businesses, sports clubssports teams and schools. We have hundreds of designs for corporate apparel, sports apparel and promotional products for all your needs.

Northstar Apparel has built themselves around the “Team Store Concept”  which has not only set is aside from the competition, but our Team Stores allow you the customer to have a fully customized store just for your company or sports team. Your custom apparel is designed and produced with your logo, sponsors logos, in your colors and in a design of your choice is just one of our specialties.

You can design your own custom clothing or we can design it for you. We have an in house graphic designer who is top notch and with her professional, creativity and experience she can accommodate all your design needs from concept to production. She can help with creative design, conceptualization, illustration, logo design, branding, color separation and much more. 

Northstar Apparel has grown over the years and now supplies high-quality custom corporate apparel; custom sports apparel and uniforms and custom accessories including sports bags, sunglasses, drink bottles and other quality custom products for corporate, sports clubs and schools around Minnesota and the surrounding areas.

Northstar Apparel was established in 2002 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and as the name suggests, we are from the Northstar state where we pride on ourselves on delivering the top of the line quality apparel and service.   We work hard to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied and that and our service and goods are top quality products with on-time delivery. 

Are you a professional person who wears corporate attire? Are you a business looking for a fun, new, unique and stylish way to market your company brand. Corporate attire is one of the most effective way so that other people can easily identify you and your company.  Clothing is considered as one of people’s basic needs. Aside from comfort that you can get from wearing your clothes, these can also boost your confidence in one way or another.

Our company exists to provide stunning corporate apparel and other types of clothing. We are very proud that our company remains one of the top leading companies in the industry, striving to meet and satisfy people’s needs and wants for stylish and well-designed clothes and corporate apparel.

Our company has the best online platform for supporting clients needs, customization and selections.  We guarantee that apparels and corporate uniforms that we offer are durable, stylish and well designed. We aim to meet and satisfy needs and wants of people in terms of corporate apparels.

Our company is composed of expert and competitive workers. So, if you need corporate apparel, marketing or even a new company logo, don’t hesitate to contact our company. We see to it that we can provide a product that suits to your wants and needs. Our company is proven efficient and popular company that provides wide range of products that can help our clients feel comfortable with the clothing that they bought from us.

Meet Our Team

We are compose of professional, expert and trusted application developers. The company was founded in order to meet and satisfy people’s needs for excellent products. We are passionate and expert people who aim to help many people acquire best corporate apparel. All our clients are guaranteed that we can provide stunning corporate apparel. We continually aim for innovation to meet expectations of all our clients.

We want to satisfy and meet needs of our clients. We are knowledgeable and professional people who want to provide platform where people can get best corporate apparel. We are proud that our company is considered as one of the most useful and excellent stores where people can get different products that they can use when doing different corporate activities and marketing. We value needs and wants of our clients. It is one main reason why we remain to be the best developers of efficient online store.

With our years of experience, dedication and experience, we are confident that people will find all our products high quality and durable. Aside from efficiency and durability of our products, we are proud with the type of customer service that we provide to all our clients. We guarantee that we treat well every buyer in our store. We assist and accommodate them well. We see it that we can satisfy them well because it is one way of our company to show sense of appreciation to the undying trust and loyalty of all our clients. We have more loyal clients because of the following reasons:


  • Dedication, Patience, Excellence and Honesty- Core values of our company will serve as our guide in order to provide honest online transactions to all our clients. We see to it that we can give sense of guarantee to all our clients.
  • Professionalism- We will never compromise the safety and comfort of our clients. We will find ways on how we can efficiently make our clients happy.
  • Product’s Durability and High Quality- We see to it that all products that we sell come with excellent durability. Our products went through several tests and durability exams in order to ensure safety, quality and durability of all products that we sell.

Strong Foundation of The Company

Years of experience and expertise in the industry of selling sports teams and corporate apparel for women and men serve as the main foundation why the company remains to be the best online store where men, women and children can buy great, high quality and stylish apparel. 

We are very proud that along of everyone’s effort the company remains to be the most respective and excellent company. Our company starts from its humble beginning. However, along with dedication of all workers, staffs and founders, we made it to the top.

We guarantee that we will continue doing our best so that we can sell more sport items suitable to men and women. We are very glad that our company has loyal and satisfied clients. To show our appreciation to all our clients, we will seek for innovation. We will not do anything that can disappoint all our clients.

Basically, the main point why the company has a strong foundation is that the company is guided by their company’s core values. They see to it that they are doing well so that every aspect of the business will go on its right path.

Aside from meeting and satisfying people’s need and expectations from us, we see to it that we operate legally. Our company has a license to operate which makes the company as a legit company. Our online store is a reliable and dedicated company that works on helping and assisting our clients when it comes on providing best corporate apparel.