Product Description

The Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet is engineered for youth lacrosse players with smaller frames.

The CPV-R becomes the first helmet in the R-Series to be offered with the Gen3 EPP Liner and SPRfit™ system for micro-adjustment on the fly. An R-Series helmet is now available in a full range of sizes. The CPV-R is the perfect stop for the player who is looking for an elite style helmet, but hasn’t yet grown into a SevenTech™ lid. The Cascade legacy of style, science and safety is at it’s core with over 20 years of American-made quality built into the CPV-R. The Cascade CPV-R is an ultra light helmet weighing in under two pounds. With an ultra low profile utilizing FreeFlow venting built into the design of the CPV-R for increased airflow. 

SPRfit: Swiss Precision Ratchet

-Bombproof, no-nonsense, all business and crazy simple

-The SPRfit adjustable ratchet allows you to change sizes and get perfectly fitted in seconds….one handed

-GEN 3 EPP liner & dovetail liner system fit so anatomically perfect, the 4th quarter will feel as comfortable as warm-ups

Chevron Mask: Vision Innovation

-See the field like a General and earn your Chevrons

-The slightest V in the center of the latitude bars makes all the difference for looking downward and up field for increased vision.

$ 125.00